Jasmine Cristobal-Sinio

Jasmine Cristobal-Sinio
Recipient:  National Prism Award for Women of Style and Achievements

By Ting Joven Giovanelli

“Let us accept life for what it is. Mistakes in our journey are inevitable. Success without endeavor is impossibility itself. No work, no progress. We must welcome experience, for we can learn nothing without experience. It could either be encouraging or discouraging. But it is experience that makes us a real being, which shows the true meaning of our existence.” Such is Jasmine’s philosophy in life.

Jasmine Cristobal-Sinio, daughter of the late Joaquin and Juliana Jingco of Murcia, Negros Occidental, Philippines, came to the United States in 1996 – equipped with determination, skills and can do attitude and became one of the fastest rising stars in the field of Home Health industry.

As a consistent honor student during her Elementary and High School years, it was no surprise to her family and friends when she studied Pre-Dentistry at the University of Negros Occidental Recoletos and Southwestern University in Cebu City as a half scholar. She earned her degree in Dentistry at the Philippine Dental College (De Ocampo Memorial School) in Manila in 1980. She also studied Nursing for two years as a secondary course at the Collegio De San Augustin in Bacolod City Philippines.

Before coming to the United States, she already had 16 years of private practice in Dentistry in Bacolod and Makati City. While her goal in life is to be able to attain financial freedom and peace of mind, establishing a Foundation for the needy in the Philippines would be a dream come true to this lady with a golden heart. The seeds of her vision as a future World Ambassador of Goodwill have already been planted even in her early years as a practicing dentist.

For years, she has volunteered her services as a dentist in several Medical Missions all over the Philippines with Lion’s International. To this day, she continues to volunteer and contribute financially to several not-for-profit organizations here in the United States and in the Philippines.

Upon her arrival in the United States, she continued to broaden her marketability in the workforce by completing a Transcription Course in Chicago, Illinois. She also completed a Comprehensive Coding Boot Camp Training in Wisconsin.

For four years, she worked as a Billing Manager in a Home Health Agency in the South Side of Chicago and at the same time, worked as a Medical Biller in a Medical office. She has worked as Home Health Biller and Coder in three different Home Health Agencies, including a one year stint at the Ingalls Hospital Ophthalmology (Illinois Retina).

Having gained all the experience in Medical Billing and Coding, her entrepreneurial instincts dictated that it was time to move on. She established a Billing Service, catering to Medical Practitioners and Home Health Agencies.

Her drive to achieve financial freedom did not end with her Billing service. She knew her capabilities. With her extensive training and experience in the healthcare industry, she teamed up with Roland Sinio, now her husband, and expanded her business by establishing her own Home Health Agency, the ACS Home Health Services, Inc. She is the Administrator, Coder, Biller and Coordinator for the agency. Her leadership capabilities and professional communication skills are just a few of a long list of reasons why Jasmine continues to thrive in whatever endeavor she pursues.

As her businesses continue to grow, responsibilities and challenges also continue to mount. In spite of her extensive training in all the businesses she owns and runs, she makes it a top priority to keep up with the pace of the industry by continuously attending seminars and conventions. With what she has accomplished, it is no surprise that she was inducted recently to the Asian American Hall of Fame.

Jasmine has achieved the American Dream. She has defined what a Filipino woman is capable of. In spite of what she has achieved – in business and in her personal life, she continues to explore her God-given talents. There is no limit to what this lady can do. She can be anything she wants. Indeed, the Gintong Pamana Award Foundation is proud to recognize her achievements with the prestigious and unique National Prism Award.

Jasmine has three children – all successful in their own chosen careers: Ana Marie Cristobal-Glaraga who holds a degree in Nursing; Jessamine Cristonal-Tarroja who is a Doctor of Medicine, and Julius Allan C

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