Last minute Gift Giving Ideas… Sneak Peek at our 2012 Wrap Up Issue

by Ting Joven-Giovanelli
December 1, 2011
I am probably one of the very few people who hate shopping – but loves a good bargain. In my thirty long years in the United States, I’ve shopped only once on a Black Friday in a mall. Over the years, I learned that shopping on TV and online, in the comfort of your own home is much more fun – no long lines and no rude shoppers to ruin your day. If you know where to go online, the deals are even better than the mall. Most of the stores online offer free shipping and usually carry a generous 30 day return policy especially during the Holiday season. Thank goodness, I never have to freak out again, every time I go in those dressing rooms with three way mirrors. Ladies, you know what I am talking about.
Gift giving doesn’t have to break your bank. In this economic hard times, shop to impress is passe. It is the thought that counts. Practicality is the word. Shopping for that someone special needs a lot more than a big ticket item. It is the sincerity that counts. I’ll never forget one Mothers Day when my kids were just growing up. My daughter woke up late and without greeting me Happy Mother’s Day, she went rushing to the door and disappeared for a few minutes. When she came back, she had a bunch of the most beautiful dandelion flowers in her hand and said “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom”. I will never forget that innocent smile of pride on her face. I gave her the biggest hug and thanked her for being so thoughtful – and creative. I still wonder how long it took her to decide on the dandelions. To this day, that gift is still number one on my list of the most memorable gifts I ever got from her. I still get teary eyed every time I think about it.
So, for those who are not done Christmas shopping, save yourselves some aggravation and start clicking that mouse. For those on your list that are hard to please, or, for that someone who has everything, gift cards are always safe. Restaurant gift cards are almost always welcome. Although a bit more pricey, Spa Gift Cards are becoming one of the favorites among women.
If you have coffee drinkers on your list, do I have the best coffee for them. Healthy Coffee USA, one of the fastest growing international companies in the world has the best coffee in the industry. Their 3-in-One EnerGi Blend Healthy Coffee is a perfect mix of instant Gourmet Coffee, Reishi and Ginseng extracts specially blended with non-dairy creamer and natural cane sugar. Their tea, EnerGi Chai Healthy Milk Tea is formulated from the most premium ingredients of gourmet tea from Kenya, Reishi and Ginseng extracts, plus non-dairy creamer and natural cane sugar. Their energy drink, EnerGi Blast is an instant energy drink with reishi and ginseng extract.
Meanwhile, for those who have everything, you can light up their life with Scented 100% All Natural Soy Candles. Soy candles come in glass jar containers – safe to light and burn 60% more than the regular wax candles. Soy Candle is good for the environment and non-toxic because they come from the vegetable soy plant. Buying Soy Candles also help the American Farmers. They come in Jasmine scent. For more details on soy candles and Healthy Coffee, you can email me at
If you have a limited budget and still would like to impress, The Unique Boutique in Glendale Heights carry a variety of items, from ladies clothes and accessories to home furnishings and other unique items. Love, love their clothes. For directions in going there, just call the number in their AD which is found on this page. With a friendly customer service ready to assist you, it is worth the drive.
There you go. I hope these simple suggestions will make life easier for the last minute shoppers like me. I like to procrastinate sometimes in my Holiday shopping because I believe that the best deals come not only on Black Friday, but a few days before Christmas. One of my sisters think otherwise. She usually calls me in August to tell me that her Christmas shopping is done. Doesn’t that make you sick? Nevertheless, I always manage to check everything in my list two days before Christmas.
Last but not the least, don’t forget to pick up your copy of the FilAmMegaScene Christmas/Year end issue. We will be doing a community Fashion Wrap Up and will feature this year’s “Who is Who” in the Filipino community limelight. Also featured in the same issue are some of the fastest growing Filipino owned businesses in the US. Until then, cheers!

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