Gary and Martin answer criticisms as ‘X Factor’ judges

“The X Factor Philippines” judges Gary Valenciano and Martin Nievera explained their side regarding mixed reactions they got from viewers and netizens over the talent search’s show last weekend.
Many lambasted the judges, especially Charice, for the elimination of Mark Mabasa in favor of the Take Off band in the bottom two. Judges Martin and Pilita Corrales booted out Take Off, while Gary and Charice opted to vote out Mark. 
Mark was eliminated because he got a lower vote of 3.72 percent while Take Off earned 3.90 percent of the votes.
 Martin reminded Twitter followers to keep on voting for their bets to stay on the show.
 “Tweets! U need to vote for your fav or he or she or they will end up in the bottom2. the less kampante will see their favs week after week!,” Martin tweeted on Monday, August 13.
 He said that if only their fans voted strongly for them, Mark and Take Off should have never landed in the bottom two.
 “This is what happens when u r too sure of your fav & do nothing about it. When it gets to the bottom2 we have to stand behind our children,” he added.
 Martin said contestants people do not expect to stay in competition are “going forward” because fans vote consistently for them.
Gary, on the other hand, defended Charice, who voted out Mabasa in favor of Take Off. This led to a split decision among the judges. He said that Charice was “torn” in making her decision.
 “That’s the nature of X Factor. It’s intense and it really moves the judge/mentor to his/her limit. Charice really struggled because like me, she was moved by both Mark and Takeoff.” 
“Charice could’ve made ‘ganti’ because I was the one who voted her contestant, Jerriane, out the week before. BUT she did none of that, and like Martin, she went with her gut feel and chose Mark to exit,” Gary posted on his Tumblr account on Monday, August 13.
 Gary also explained his side to those who criticized him for giving positive comments in Saturday night’s show. He said that the contestants performed well during the rehearsals. However, he noticed technical glitches during the actual performance.
 “They were all extremely well prepared and well-mentored to do their best and get the votes they needed to move on. But as the performances started on Saturday night, I noticed how many of the singers did less than what i expected of them. As a performer of 29 years i felt something wasn’t right. It was my gut feel that perhaps something MAY have happened to the sound they got used to hearing the night before.” 
To those who accuse him of “being too nice” to the contestants, Gary said,
 “I would like to believe though that i was consistent to what i was feeling deep deep within me. And i will stand by those comments because i knew things that they were going through; things that would make even the most professional artists, shudder with “inis” because it’s a situation that fails to bring out the best in any artist.” 
 He is aware of his big responsibility as judge and mentor and thanked those who gave constructive criticisms which can help him improve as artist, mentor and judge.
 “That’s why i have always thanked you all for all your comments. I will not be fazed by the negative ones BUT i will use them to further improve my ability and craft as an artist, a judge, and possibly more importantly….a mentor…of X Factor Philippines.”

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