Ruffa Gutierrez bares ‘discrimination’ in LA

No, it’s actress Ruffa Gutierrez involved in an alleged discrimination issue in Los Angeles but her friend.
Ruffa did not identify the friend, except to say she had a Hermes bag, and also the person with the “bad mouth.”
Ruffa, in fact, posted on her official Twitter account her friend’s encounter with an alleged racist while vacationing in Los Angeles, California and her post has gathered much attention from Twitters and bloggers.

Ruffa, who is vacationing in Los Angeles where she and her brothers grew up, had posted on her Twitter:, “Imagine if someone rudely asks u upon saying ur from the Philippines, ‘Do u know how to clean??’ What the heck would u say or do? Answer pls.’”
Not a few of her hundreds of thousands of followers commented swiftly, according to a report of Bulletin’s Neil Ramos. 
The report quoted @matrixleader as stating: “insecure about pinoy brilliance. let us laugh at those who insult us. that means we’re better than them!”
@NuncaValderama added, “Men of erudition & patrician lineage won’t do that! It’s usually the nouveau who demean the poor! How uncouth & boorish! #yuck.”
Seemingly buoyed by the reactions, Ruffa went on to post additional comments, according to the report.
“Buti nalang I wasn’t there when my friend told me her experience OR ELSE..GRRR!! Humirit pa raw yung guy: ‘I didn’t know maids use Hermes!’” Ruffa added.
Ruffa also stated later, “To my fellow Pinoys: never ever be bullied or pushed over by ANYONE! Stand up & be proud of your heritage! No one has the right to demean u.”
Talk about disturbing a bee’s nest — not surprisingly, more and more people voiced their indignation over the matter.
In response to Ruffa’ question, @bryewilson tweeted, “I’d say.. ‘yes, i do know how to clean. do u want me start with ur mouth?!’”
@roxyresuma’s reply went, “I know how to clean and you clearly don’t because your character reeks.”
@ItsonlyMi’s posted, “I would say ‘YES.but it’s not enough obviously since there is this dirt who learned to talk and now its talking to me.’”
Most of the replies were re-tweeted by Gutierrez including those of @stephaniezubiri who shared, “definitely better than you! We’re a hygienic people :);” and @bigbadbawang, who said, “More than what U do, its how U do it. We filipinos do things exceptionally well. That is integrity in our work!”
Then again, there are also those who were seemingly levelheaded about the whole issue.
@lubov143 shared, “I’m working abroad and yes most of the peeps here are like that,but Hey! who cares! we are proud of our origin we can’t pls all.”
@karkoordxb said, “buti na lang very few does the same here in Dubai. They respect Filipinos here. Only the non-educated people does that :-(.”
@princessigarcia, on the other hand, said, “Every Filipino isn’t spared of bigotry anywhere. Still best to rise with honor & dignity despite the rudeness.”
Ruffa, who earlier went on vacation in New York, did not identify her friend nor the prejudiced oaf but, of course, she did not fail to indicate that she was tweeting from the legendary LA hotel, Chateau Marmont, which was once called home to Hollywood stars, including legends Greta Garbo, Vivien Leigh, Jean Harlow and err, Lindsay Lohan.

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