Angel Locsin sees future with Azkhal Team star Phil Younghusband

Top actress Angel Locsin and boyfriend Phil Younghusband may be in for more romantic times.
This as the comely star of leading network ABS-CBN admitted  she could “see a future” with the Norwegian-Filipino star of the football team Azkhals.
Phil, on the other hand, says he is dead serious with Angel and wants to stay longer with her.

In a television interview, Angel said  she could not confirm any formal relationship between her and the footballer, but she stressed that “one thing’s for sure, they are both in love right now.”
“Relasyon hindi ko alam pero kami ay dalawang taong in love. Yun kami ngayon (Relations, I don’t know but both of us are in love. That’s what we are at present),” she said.

For his part, Phil said  he does not want to label his closeness with Angel, adding that what is important is they are both very happy.
The Azkhal star, however, stressed that he is very much serious with Angel.
“It’s not (just for) fun. I’m serious about Angel and I want to have a future with her. I’m enjoying being with her. The way it’s going, it feels like the first day I met her,” he said.
“For us, status or what we call our relationship, it doesn’t matter to. We’re just very, very happy with the way it’s going,” Phil said after signing a contrac with television network TV 5.

The football star said he and Angel  are enjoying each other’s company and he wants to spend as much time with Angel as possible.
Phil disclosed that Angel often teach him Tagalog words and songs.
Phil said: “I learn a lot from Angel. She’s very down-to-earth and she’s so human, very caring and very civil. She’s one of the most amazing people I ever met.”
The two have always been spotted together in showbiz or private events. They are also very open about their closeness. They earlier confirmed they are exclusively dating each other.
Angel also hastened to add: “Recently ibang level na siya compared sa dating, getting-to-know, iba na ngayon and nakikikita ko na kasama siya sa future ko (Recently it’s a different level compared before, getting-to-know. It’s different now and I can see him as part of my future).”
According to a report of Sun Star’s Glaiza Jarloc, Angel clarified that Phil has not asked her yet on their real score, adding they don’t want to give any label or title to that special friendship they both share.

“Pag tinanong ako ni Phil sagutin ko kayo pero sa akin kasi title lang naman yun. Ang importante yung happiness na nararamdaman ko pag kasama ko siya eh di mapapantayan ng kahit anong title (If Phil asks me, I will answer, but for me it’s mere title. The most important is happiness that I feel when I am with him and that cannot be replaced by any title).”

Angel added: “Wala kaming, ‘Eto ganito tayo, ganon, ganyan.’ Siguro pag nagdaan na yung panahon.”
 Angel has only has good words to the young and handsome football star who is on the road to staying permanently in the Philippines and trying a crack at local show business.
“Sobrang bait talaga, wala akong masabi and yun nga yung masaya ka lang kahit anong mangyari. Iba talaga. (He is so kind and good, I cannot say anything. And I am happy whatever happens with him. It’s different)” she said.

Angel revealed that  as they spent more time together, she is  discovering everything about Phil, adding that she likes what she’s currently seeing from her boyfriend.
Phil and his brother James Younghusband have signed a three-year contract with the Kapatid Network, TV5.
The brothers are set to do football-related shows in the network in the coming days.
Angel and Phil have been going steady for almost a year now. Phil even followed her in Paris as part of his courtship.

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