Lolong is world’s longest, biggest crocodile in captivity

Australian zoologist Dr. Adam Britton, who represented National Geographic with a team of 10 and the Guinness Book of World Records, said the celebrity giant crocodile Lolong’s exact measurement is 21 feet plus one inch long, no more no less. 
Lolong may also be the world’s biggest crocodile.
But while the British born zoologist gave Lolong’s exact measurement, a self-proclaimed Philippine National Geographic representative who refused to identify herself refused to provide few newsmen copies or even allowed to photograph the official record of the measurement.
“The record is for National Geographic only not for media. Buti nga pina-cover pa ang media in most of National Geographic event. It is off limits to media,” she said.
“All we can say is that Lolong’s correct measurement is 21 feet plus one inch not 20 feet 3 inches or 21 feet 3 inches as some media had already reported, which is wrong,” she added.
The local government unit of Bunawan asked a copy of the official record of measurement from Nat Geo which was readily provided.
With the measurement, Lolong now surpassed Cassius, an Australian saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) and the Guinness record holder at only 17 feet, based on measurements taken by zoologist Dr. Adam Briton.
The measurement and documentation on the Philippine crocodile was made at the wildlife preservation center at Bunawan town in Agusan del Sur province.
 Briton was the same man who was commissioned by the Guinness World Records to measure Cassius in 2008.
Captured in the Agusan Marsh in September, Lolong’s length was initially measured at 6.12 meters (20 feet 4 inches), according to Apollo Canoy, a Bunawan municipal councilor, who was with Briton’s group. Cassius is only 5.48 meters (17 feet, 11.75 inches) long.
Cassius was caught at the Northern Territory in Australia in 1984 and is housed at Marineland Melanesia’s crocodile park, according to the Australian newspaper Sydney Morning Herald.

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