The 17th Gintong Pamana ‘Golden Legacy’ Gala Awards Night

Saturday, August 27, 2011 * Grand Ballroom of the Hyatt Regency at O’Hare International

FilAm MegaScene publishers, Bart & Yoly Tubalinal

Hon. Consul General & Mrs. Leo Herrera Lim

Leo Bas Madanguit,escorted by his wife Liberty.

Atty. Nadia C. Jurani (NV), escorted by husband Romeo.

Thelma Tupaz Fuentes(IL), escorted by her brother-in-law, Teofilo Gomez.

Dr. Christopher M. Guerrero (IL), escorted by Alexandria Diskin

Van Sullan Ong (MI), escorted by his wife Nora

Dr. Marjerie Badilla (IL), escorted by John Rauscher

Justine Alvarez Barnes (IL), escorted by her husband Mark.

Perry Diaz (CA) with his lovely wife Dolly Diaz .

Gus Mercado (TX) with his wife Ethel.

Elizabeth Horner (OH) with her mom, Ruby.

Dr. Maria Fe Corpuz-Bato(IL), escorted by her husband, Fortune.

Dr. Nunilo Rubio, Jr.(TX), escorted by his wife Cheryl.

Dr. Noel Rubio (IL), escorted by Dr.Martha Villalba

Donna LaVigne (CO), escorted by her husband, Atty. Jay LaVigne.

George Samson and wife Dr. Sheila P. Samson

Nathaniel Rubio, (TX) escorted by his wife, Leticia

Nena Kaufman, (NY), escorted by Ed Navarra.

The 17th Gintong Pamana Honorees have been joined by past GP awardees for a souvenir shot of the occasion.

Dr. Marjerie Badilla receives her Prism trophy from former Prism awardee, Dr. Vickie Navarra (MI)

Atty. Nadia C. Jurani, Prism awardee from Las Vegas, receives her trophy from 2010 Prism award recipient Cecil Ceniza.

Prism awardee from Colorado, Donna LaVigne, receives her trophy from former Prism Award recipient the lovely Judy Agno.

Nena Lozada Kaufman of New York is presented her Prism trophy by 2009 Prism awardee Dolly Engracia.

Dr. Maria Fe Bato, award recipient in Dentistry, is presented her GP trophy by past GP awardee, Lilian delos Santos.

GP awardee in fashion design, Justine Alvarez Barnes receives her award from former Prism Lourdes Livas

Dr. Maria Fe Bato, award recipient in Dentistry, is presented her GP trophy by past GP awardee, Lilian delos Santos.

Perry Diaz from California, receives his Pluma award in journalism from FilAm MegaScene publisher, Bart Tubalinal.

Nursing Awardee (Melchora “Tandang Sora” Aquino Award) Thelma Tupaz Fuentes has been presented her trophy by past Prism Marilyn Liwanag.

Drs. Nunilo and Elenita Rubio, past Gintong Pamana awardees, present the Kamanyang Award in Medicine to Dr. Christopher Guerrero.

Gintong Butil (Golden Seed) Award for Outstanding Achievements in High School, has been conferred to Elizabeth Horner of Ohio by FilAm MegaScene Co-Executive Editor, Yoly Tubalinal.

Recipient of Pilak Award in Business, Leo Bas Madanguit, is presented his trophy by Philippine Tourism Director, Vernie Morales, also 2010 Prism awardee of Gintong Pamana.

Gus Mercado from Dallas, Texas, receives his Apolinario Mabini Award in Community and Business Leadership from NaFFAA Chair Ed Navarra and former Prism awardee Cris Unabia Arnan.

Van Sullan Ong of Novi, Michigan, receives his Apolinario Mabini Award in Community Leadership from Patrick and Fe Mangulabnan, past Gintong Pamana awardees in Business.

The Rubio Brothers: Outstanding Young Achievers in Medicine and Healthcare. From left: John Rubio, .MD.; Noel Rubio, M.D. and Nate Rubio, MSOT. They have been conferred their awards by Consul General Leo Herrera Lim.

Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient for Humanitarian Service, George Samson of Michigan receives his Gintong Pamana trophy from Consul General Leo Herrera Lim.

Fuentes' family and guests: Rex and Tess Demavivas, Remia Sychangco and Zenaida Gomez.

George & Dr. Sheila Samson with the Hintons,family and friends.

Dr. Maria Fe Bato and guests: Joe Gozun, Mario Peralta, Minda Saldana, Melanie Rickett, Mel Salvador, Lilian delos Santos, Anthony and Dr. Andaleon, Cha Villeroz, Alba Enriquez and Danny and Amy Castro.

GP Behind the Scene Team: Myrna Langit, Star Rivera, Ruth Amponin of IPJM

At the reception desk: Pastora Luchie Rubillos, Nini Villanueva and Lourdes Nathan of IPJM

Thelma Fuentes' guests

Former GP awardees, Jelly Carandang and P. Emraida Kiram, et. al.

Guest singer, Grace Pamelar and FilAm Community Builder publishers Josie and Alex Cirrera.

Justine Alvarez-Barnes and her models

Sponsors Dolly Engracia and Dan Schaeffer of Carefirst Home Health Services, Inc.

Ethel Mercado and guests from Dallas, California, etc.

Sponsors, Paul and Linda Goldman of Magnum Advertising

Pastor Armand Cudia of IPJM did the Invocation.

Cecil Ceniza and Life Choice's table of friends

Sponsors: Judy Agno and United Home Health Services Of Illinois, Inc.

Baby Guerrero, Dr. Lourdes Hilao, Joe Guerrero and Lynn Hilao

Dr. Vickie Navarra, guest singer.

Singer Amy Mayuga of Amy N D Sparks Band.

Program Host and entertainer, respectively: Alpha and Emil Nicolasin.

Justine Barnes with husband Dr. Mark Barnes and daughter, broadcast journalist, Angelica Duria Barnes

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