Claudine Barretto: No separation with Raymart

After months in hiatus, Claudine Barretto is back on the small screen, starring in Spooky Nights Nuno sa Feng Shui.

And she’s so excited she is busy again in showbiz.

And she comes back, she denied rumors and she and husband Raymart Santiago have separated.

“We are very much together,” she stressed.

The comely actress is also headlining the prime time offering Iglot, together with Jolina Magdangal, Luis Alandy and Marvin Agustin.

  Claudine was last seen in Jillian: Namamasko Po shown last year, according a report of Joseph Peter Gonzalez.

“When I started taping for Spooky Nights, I realized I missed acting a lot,” she said. “It’s exciting as I’m busy with showbiz work again.”

Claudine said she focused on being a homemaker while out of television.

“Well, for six months, I focused on being a homemaker. It gave me the opportunity to spend quality time with my family. It was summer then, I was able to do lots of outdoor activities with my kids Sabina and Santino,” she said.

She added: “We went out of town many times. When we were in Manila, we were always mall-hopping. It was fun!”

“I really enjoyed spending time with my children since when I got busy taping for Jillian: Namamasko Po last year, I hardly saw them. That time also, Raymart (Santiago) was doing Bantatay. So, when both of us were already free, we grabbed the chance to travel abroad,” she said.

“The vacation did me good. I was able to recharge,” she said. 

“I found my passion for the craft back. Now, I’m raring to go full blast once again with my acting career. I’m grateful to GMA for lining up good comeback projects for me!” she added.

She and husband Raymart has been the subject of controversy these days. There are persistent talks that their marriage is on the rocks, but they denied the reports, saying they were mere rumors.

“I want to shed light on that. It’s simply baloney!” she stressed.” Not because I wasn’t seen for a couple of months, people would already have cruel speculations. It’s so unfair.”

She said: “At first, I just laughed it off. Considering the number of years I stayed in the business, I’m already used to this stuff. But if it’s getting below the belt already, you’ll also get peeved especially if you know the truth.”

She admitted that she cried when the rumor spread. “I wouldn’t deny that the false rumor made me cry. I know it’s not worth it but I guess I’m just human. It’s hurting for me, for my husband and the kids. I’m clueless as to where gossip-mongers get their facts.”

She stressed: “For the record, Raymart and I are still very much together. We haven’t separated. We have a happy family. It’s my wish that despite all the flaks our union is receiving, we’ll be able to withstand all the challenges and keep things solid.”

Another nasty issue hurled at her is that allegedly, she underwent rehabilitation.

“Yes, I’ve heard about it! Again, it’s another fabricated story. They say I was under rehab, but for what? They can’t even pinpoint the reason. Why? Because there’s none!”

“There’s nothing wrong with me. In short, I don’t have a medical condition! I’m open about my bout with scoliosis but apart from that, I don’t know of any ailment which endangers my health. I really pity those who started this malicious rumor,”  Claudine said.

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