Judy Agno 70th Birthday

Judy Caoili Agno, prim, proper and proud to be 70

Beloved by all, Judy Agno or “Manang Judy” as she is very fondly addressed by many friends, young and old alike, didn’t have any clue that her family led by son Noel and his wife Carmen, daughter Tina Chambers, and others were cooking up a surprise party for her 70th birthday. She couldn’t have guessed, after all, they gave her a huge party at the United Home Healthcare office with overflowing food and guests a day before her actual birthday.

On Friday, July 8 Judy was lured to the 80th floor of Mid American Club on E. Randolph in Chicago where she thought she was attending a niece’s wedding. Seeing the plush and exclusive venue, she worried and asked if her niece could actually afford it. Imagine her surprise when she stepped into the room! Her impromptu speech said it all. Teary-eyed but obviously very happy, Judy savored the night like she always does her many parties… hopping from table to table, making sure she greeted and thanked everyone. Part of her surprises that evening was the performance of Jaya, Philippine’s Queen of Rock and Esther Hana, Chicago’s Pride.

Getting ready to blow her birthday cake as her well-wishers gathered around her.

Singing along with the Queen of Rock, Jaya

Judy, AJ, Peter Jordan & Tina

United Home Healthcare of IL, Inc.

Bart, Judy, Yoly

Agno & Chambers Families

Beautiful and vibrant, Judy Agno at 70,with her favorite son, Noel and favorite daughter, Tina.

Carmen, Tina, Judy, Rudy and Noel having fun.

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