Vic and Pia have both moved on

Yes, Virginia, it’s not only television host Pia Guanio who has a new relationship but comedy king and tv host Vic Sotto as well.

Yes, the two have moved on. Pia, who has remained as host of the top noontime show “Eat Bulaga” with Vic, now has a non-showbiz boyfriend while Vic’s latest craze is reportedly a flight attendant.

Vic Sotto & Pia Guanio

Pia and Vic joined other stars of “Eat Bulaga’’ in shows in Canada last week and may continue their show cum vacation in the United States.

It was rumored that Vic even brought with him the unnamed flight attendant in Canada.

Showbiz authority Mario Bautista reported in his latest column that Pia Guanio interviewed co-host Rufa Mae Quinto on the phone in “Showbiz Central” recently.

Rufa Mae was not in the studio at the time of the interview as she was busy shooting “Temptation Island” on location in Ilocos. 

In the interview, Pia did not have any qualms asking about Rufa Mae’s rumored love affair with Fabio Ide, the latter’s co-star in “Dwarfina,” according to the columnist.

Rufa Mae gamely answered all of Pia’s queries, but when she tried to turn the tables on Pia to inquire about her non-showbiz boyfriend named Steve Mago, Pia suddenly became evasive and ended their interview, he said.

The columnist thus asked: So it’s okay for Pia to grill her co-host but not the other way around?

He wrote that Pia has been very secretive about Steve but recently, fotos of her and him kissing each other while having dinner in a restaurant in Makati City appeared on the net Still, she refuses to talk about him. 

Mario Bautista also reported that Pia is lucky as she’s the only ex-girlfriend of Vic Sotto who stayed on in “Eat! Bulaga” even after their breakup. Other exes of Vic who were also co-hosts in the show eventually left, like Coney Reyes and Christine Jacob.

Pia and Vic spent Holy Week together with the “Eat Bulaga” group for a show in Canada last Saturday, said the columnist, adding that  they have a good working relationship since they have both moved on. 

Vic’s latest conquest, a pretty flight attendant, even joined the Canada trip, Mario Bautista gathered.

Despite the reports on their having found their new loves, Mario Bautista reported that both Pia and Vic have yet to admit that they have new sweethearts.

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