Two Worlds of Maricar Reyes : Actor & Doctor

Just how long can Maricar Reyes pursue a show biz career while strictly maintaining her privacy?

So far she has limited her encounters with the press—lest some inquisitive reporters dare ask about a certain controversy that could’ve pushed less obstinate souls to go on exile.

Maricar Reyes

But she remains very visible in the scene, primarily because of her role on the ABS-CBN primetime series “Imortal” and her endorsement deal with jewelry firm Karat World.

After some initial hesitation from her handlers, she finally agreed to lift her veil of mystery via an e-mail interview with the press.

A doctor by profession, Maricar related that she’s able to shuttle between the two worlds rather effortlessly.

“I prioritize,” she explained. “These days, more time is devoted to acting. Maybe there will come a season when I’ll be involved in other endeavors.”

She considers medicine her day job.

“I want to maintain a certain level of professionalism in both my careers as a doctor and as an actress,” she pointed out.

Do her patients do a double-take whenever she takes their blood pressure?

“They are surprised,” she conceded. “But honestly their reaction doesn’t last that long.”

It can be disconcerting, especially when a patient realizes that this doctor plays a supernatural creature on television.

Is that what she finds exciting about her “night” job? “She can leap tall buildings in a single bound,” she quipped.

She hopes to do an indie film soon: “Anything different is worth exploring.”

On top of medicine and acting, she has found a new job as jewelry designer for Karat World. “I share my ideas and suggestions,” she related.

She described her fashion philosophy as “simple and classic.” She looks up to Audrey Hepburn and Angel Aquino as style icons: “They still look elegant even in simple clothes. It’s in the way they carry themselves.”

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