5 Americans on missing boat from Guam rescued

MANILA – Five Americans, including a woman and a Filipino-American in the US Air Force, reported missing on a sailboat bound for Cebu from Guam have been found by the Philippine Coast Guard found off Dinagat and all were in good health.

PCG chief Admiral Wilfredo Tamayo said a search ship guided by a spotter plane located the 38-foot (11-meter) catamaran The Pineapple south of Dinagat island and was immediately guided to its original destination of Cebu.

The sailboat apparently had engine trouble while in rough seas, said Tamayo.

The sailboat left Guam on Jan. 6 on a trip that normally would take seven to 10 days. Relatives of the Americans contacted the U.S. Coast Guard when it had not reached its destination by Jan. 18.

U.S. Embassy in Manila spokeswoman Rebecca Thompson did not identify the rescued Americans.

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