KC denies dating but receives a bracelet from Black Eyed Peas member

With a new condo, a boyfriend in actor Piolo Pascual and more projects coming her way, what more does KC Concepcion expect?

Not rumors that she dated Filipino American Black Eyed Peas member while the US-based band player was in the Philippines. And that Apl even gave KC a bracelet.

Apl and Kc

It was not a date but a meeting between the two in the company of many friends, according to KC herself.

Her meeting with the Los Angeles-based singer and his group was just a friendly acquaintance, she stressed.

The two met after invited KC for a coffee as he and his group were preparing to fly back to US.

The FilAm singer had been very vocal in the past that that KC was his showbiz “crush.”

The two nearly met each other two years ago when Apl visited the country. KC, however,had to leave for Las Vegas for a concert that time so she passed up the chance of meeting the popular singer.
KC herself talked about her meeting with the FilAm singer in a television show on January 3.

“He was very kind. Matagal na din akong tina-try na ma-contact niya, and it’s very nice na may bago kaming friendship,” said KC.

“Flight nya yun ng gabing yun, sabi ko ‘may sakit ako, I don’t think I’ll be able to come and say hi to you’. Then sabi nya kahit coffee lang daw,” she added.

The TV host also met Apl’s group. “Ang dami nila… talaga ‘yung mga kasama niya from the States. Natutuwa siya. Masaya sila, then nag perform pa yung friends nya. Masaya lang ako na may new friends ako dun,” KC said.

It was learned that Apl gave KC a bracelet during their meeting.

Did Piolo know the meeting and the bracelet gift?

KC demurred, adding Piolo should be asked the question.

Meanwhile, KC admitted that she and boyfriend Piolo spent Christmas together.

“Yeah, we spent Christmas together,” she said.

Following that admission, many are anticipating if 2011 will finally be the year of confirmed romance between her and Pascual.

Piolo said he wants to maintain his private yet special relationship with KC.

In a television interview, Piolo disclosed that he and KC are enjoying their understanding and asked the public to respect their silence on the real score about them.

“There are things that we do together that we don’t want to publicize and we want to keep ourselves, because we are both public figures. In our ways, kahit papaano, we keep things private,” said Piolo.

Piolo  is dedicating love songs to  KC n on his second offering of his album, ‘Decades 2’.

“Maraming songs dito na puwede kong kantahin sa kanya,” he said.

Decades 2 will be featuring contemporary hits from years  ’80s to 2000.

Pascual said he is also set to shoot his own music video in Europe next week.

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