Shalani reportedly asking for a bigger fee from Willie

MANILA – More trouble might be in the offing for “Willing Willie.”

With the show—and its main host, Willie Revillame—still in hot water with two cases pending in local courts, rumors abound that Revillame and co-host Shalani Soledad are now at odds—and over money, of all things.

Willie Revillame & Soledad Shalani

According to a tabloid report, the Valenzuela Councilor is threatening to resign from the show after her request for a raise—from the original fee of P500, 000 a month to P800, 000 a month—was supposedly declined by Revillame himself.

Purportedly, President Benigno ‘Noynoy” Aquino’s ex-girlfriend’s demand is anchored on the mindset that she is now the very reason that people watch the show.

The report is quite disconnected from earlier information that Revillame and Soledad have been playing sweet music together as confirmed to media by a relative of the latter.

Soledad was personally handpicked by Revillame to be his co-host in “Willing Willie,” citing her “looks” as with her “ability to relate with the masses” among traits that he put in consideration.

“Willing Willie” is a game show conceptualized for TV5 by Revillame after he resigned from ABS-CBN.

ABS-CBN suspended Revillame from his noontime show, “Wowowee,” after figuring in a heated verbal tussle against DZMM radio anchor Jobert Sucaldito.

“Wowowee” was eventually shut down and ABS-CBN and Revillame have since slapped each other with suit after suit.

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