Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho together in US trip

Don’t be surprised if Filipinos in the United States see beauty consultant Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho together again.

The on-and-off partners are vacationing in the US, indicating that they are “on” again.

Hayden Kho & Vicki Belo

Yes, they are on again, said showbiz expert Lolit Solis at a Christmas lunch for entertainment media set by Vicki Belo but she did not show up because she flew with Hayden in the US.

“Oo, no! Sila pa rin ni Hayden Kho,” she said.

Earlier, in a television interview, Vicki disclosed that she had decided that she and Hayden would be friends only due to certain complications .

The admission that Vicki and Hayden are together again and are in US together surprised the media people.

“Maybe, they were quarrelling again when Vicki was intereviewed on tv and said that they were only friends,” one showbiz writer said.

“Alam n’yo naman ang dalawang ’yan, away-bati,” said another reporter.

Vicki and Hayden were expected to be back in Manila on Sunday.

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