Annabelle Rama complains again vs Heart Evangelista

The controversial Annabelle Rama is in the headlines again.

This time, she opened up against her ward, beautiful actress Heart Evangelista.

According to tabloid reports, Rama even plans to sue fashion designer Inno Sotto, and Heart Evangelista and the latter’s mother, Cecile Ongpauco in connection with Evangelista’s appearance at Sotto’s fashion show that marked his 30th anniversary in the business.

Evangelista, an unannounced guest at Sotto’s fashion gala held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, also appeared in a 15-minute short film directed by Albert Martinez. Evangelista is said to be one of Sotto’s favorite models. Her appearance at the show had been a welcome surprise to the audience.

According to accounts, Rama was mad at Evangelista because she apparently failed to ger permission to make such an appearance, pointing out that she is still the manager of Heart until 2011.

Rama, it was gathered, wants Sotto also in the lawsuit for not having asked her permission  to have Heart in the short film.

Rama had claimed that it was she who put Evangelista’s showbiz career to life.

 Evangelista said she was surprised at the threat of Rama, saying she appeared as guest in a celebration and it was not work.

jointmention of a new issue brewing.

“Oh my gosh! It wasn’t work. It was a celebration. It was all for the love of Inno, and it was an honor, that’s all I can say. Thank you,” Heart said.

It was not the first time that the two had quarrelled. In their first quarrel, Evangelista eventually gave in to Rama.

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