Ruffa Gutierrez collapses, rushed  to hospital

Here’s one scoop from showbiz authority Ethel Ramos.

Ruffa Gutierrez had to be rushed recently to the hospital after collapsing at her home. 

Ruffa Gutierrez

It was gathered that one early morning, Ruffa’s two young daughters, seven-year-old Lorin and six year-old Venice, found her sprawled on the floor unconscious.

“Mabuti, the two girls had the presence of mind to ask help from our kasambahay,” Ruffa narrated, “Kahit pa, according to them, they were in shock because I was not responding to their effort to wake me up.”

She added: “Obviously, they thought I was just sleeping.”

Later at the hospital, Ruffa had to undergo a lot of tests, including X-Ray, CT scan, EEG, according to the columnist.

“Mabuti na lang all my tests proved negative,” said Ruffa.

“It turned out that I was just overworked. And I was getting little sleep, dahil sa kaku-computer,” she added.

It was learned that Ruffa was advised by the doctors to rest.

But guess what Ruffa did immediately after coming home?

She left to attend a function organized by Tatler, a glossy magazine, according to the columnist.

And last Saturday, she was back at work as host of the reality program, “Star Factor,” on TV5. Sunday, she was in “Paparazzi,” which, according to Ruffa, is now aired live.

“Feel ko kasi, lalo akong magkakasakit if I am not doing anything,” she said.

Well, Ruffa, don’t blame your doctor if you are again rushed to the hospital. Mahirap magkasakit.

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