Derek talks about Angelica

Here’s one scoop from top showbiz columnist Mario Bautista.

He reported on Derek Ramsay’s virtual admission of premarital sex with long-time girlfriend Angelica Panganiban.

Derek Ramsi & Angelinka Panganiban

Derek’s admission may not be flattering for Angelica, but it’s publicized now.

Apparently, Derek made the revelation in response to a statement by his ex-girlfriend Solenn Heussaff who reportedly said he’s not yummy.

Solenn was asked the question “Is he well endowed?” and was quick with the reply: “I won’t answer that.”

Solenn explained later her answer through her manager Leo Dominguez. Solenn pointed out that “Richard is more of a gentleman and more handsome.”

Derek earlier was asked during an interview who’s more yummy, Angel or Solenn?

The actor was also quick to reply: “Si Angel. Mas matagal na kasi kaming on ni Angel than Solenn.”

Mario Bautista reported that folks now say he’s (Derek) not a gentleman because of those statements.

But how are Derek and Angelica?

Derek was asked about how much he does the “sexercise” he mentions in the Belo TV commercial.

“My batting average now is very low,” he answered.

He added: “Walang time. Pero nakabawi naman siguro sa Hong Kong kahit konti.”

Derek and Angel just returned from Hong Kong where he joined a Frisbee contest. It’s as much of an admission that they’re having premarital sex, said the columnist.

Derek is flattered to be chosen as the endorser of the new Belo product line for men, Belo Men.

Crystalle Henares says they got him since he’s a man who’s admired by other men for excelling in whatever he does, be it sports or acting. The products are intended for men who are called “machosexual,” not metrosexual, who want to have good clear and healthy skin.

“Using Belo soap, facial wash and toner helps me be more confident about my skin,” Derek was quoted as saying by columnist Mario Bautista.

He added: “Angel (his girlfriend Angelica Panganiban) tells me na mas gumuwapo raw ako since I started using the Belo Men products that are also reasonably priced.”

Derek said he’s glad that Angel’s conflict with the Barretto sisters, first with Gretchen’s who’s her co-star in Magkaribal,” then with Claudine, is now over. “As far as we’re concerned, talagang tapos na,” he says. “It’s already settled, we’re all okay and quiet now. Sana, huwag na i-revive pa.”

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