Running For The Crown (Part Two) EARNING THE ASIAN VOTE

by Fred C. Wilson III
October 30, 2010

“The thoughtful leader realizes that industrial, economic, and political competition among peoples of different races breeds prejudice, hatred and ends generally in massacres, in civil wars to the detriment of the weaker group. It has been so in all history; it is so now and it will be so in the future…”
-Marcus Garvey-

Politics isn’t a game. Political office is a vocation, civic ministry, and a ‘religious’ experience. Voters HOPE that those they elect will do their duties as expected though the only way to make sure is to RUN FOR OFFICE YOURSELF. Reader I can’t emphasize this enough. INVOLVEMENT IS THE PRICE OF FREEDOM and apathy is its own ‘reward.’ If you don’t get INVOLVED in the political process (voting, canvassing, etc.) don’t complain when politicians ignore you. GOD knows Fil-Ams desperately need more voices in ‘city hall’ than they have now.

You’ve thought about what I’ve said and decided to run for office. Congratulations! Good for you! Whatever position you’re running for, you must have people working with you, who believe that you’re ‘the one.’ Here’s how you work it:

*Go on line to the Chicago Board of Elections Commissions at and download. Read carefully, then file the necessary papers you need and get started.

*When you start filling out the required forms don’t get a case of the ‘big head’ (unrealistic expectations) and try to run for a top job (U.S. President, Governor, senator, etc.). Go for a small position and work your way up as you ‘grow’ in office once you’ve won.

*Make sure you’re qualified for the job you want. Are you a registered voter in your geographic area? Do you meet all age, residency, and experience requirements? If you’ve answered YES file the papers you need to get on the ballot. Filing procedures vary depending on where you live. Be prepared to pay a small filing fee.

*Visit: for a local listing of campaign resources and related websites, and for back-up materials.

*Read political publications. Subscribe to some of them if you can afford it. If you’re broke read them on line or at a public library for FREE.

*Conduct an opinion poll. You don’t want to waste valuable time, energy, and resources’ campaigning on issues nobody wants to deal with for instance campaigning to impound all liquor store licenses in an area where ½ of the locals work at a mega-brewery that’s the major tax revenue source for that county; not very smart. Opinion polls help candidates plan campaign strategy.

*Hire a seasoned campaign manager who really knows his/her politics, the issues involved, and the people you’re trying to convince to vote for you.

*We live in the Information Age. Hire a webpage designer. If you go ‘cheap’ voters will assume you’re as cheap as your site. Your campaign manager will tell you what goes in your site.

*Before recruiting volunteers start raising $$$$. A prime factor behind Japan’s losing World War II was that they ran out of war materiel. Fund raising is another job for your campaign manager. NO FUNDS YOU’RE FINISHED!

*Now that your campaign is off and running you can recruit those super idealistic eager-beaver young college types to work your campaign. Remember you may be the ‘commander’ but your manager is the ‘sergeant major.’ Anybody who’s ever served in the military will tell you who really runs an outfit. HUMILITY IS VITAL.

*Okay ‘General’ now get ‘uniforms’ for your ‘troops.’ Purchase bumper stickers, yard signs, lapel buttons, rally signs with magnets, literature mail outs, small hand outs, and, if you can afford them, those silly looking fake straw hats with red, white, and blue bunting to give your campaign some extra ‘class.’ People like to see the American flag on stuff; it makes ‘em feel patriotic knowing that you’re as American as baseball and Mom’s apple pie.

*Use the popular press to your advantage. Make good looking campaign posters. If your face looks like 20 miles of bad road you don’t want to have large poster portraits planted on light poles, trees, plastered against deserted warehouses since that wouldn’t be to your best interests. If however you look like Ms. Universe 1st runner-up then go for it. Having good looks in this society is a definite plus. Let your campaign manager design your posters.

*Get in ‘good’ with unions, fraternal, civic, and religious organizations. If the pastors, union bosses, and heads of the above mentioned groups like you, you’re half-way home! This is Illinois where CLOUT COUNTS.

*Reader you’re gonna’ laugh you’re a** off when you see this! To make a lasting impression on potential voters sometimes you just have to get a little stupid and do a Lady Godiva or a Ross Perot and form your own political party like New York gubernatorial candidate Jimmy McMillan did. View: You Tube’s ‘The Rent is too Damn High Party, Jimmy…’

*Once elected FULFILL YOUR CAMPAIGN PROMISES or else I’ll be writing another article showing how future voters can dump your a**! NOW GET BUSY!

Reader that’ll do for this week’s Mega Scene’s Philippine Adventures. What’s planned for next week is anybody’s guess. We at Mega Scene wish you and your loved ones peace and everything good; GOD bless.

*Source material: eHow ‘How to Run for Public Office.’

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