GMA Pinoy TV Tween Stars in “REEL LOVE presents TWEEN HEARTS”

Solidly banking on their wide fan base and star appeal, the Kapuso Network prides itself for discovering an extraordinary group of young stars popularly known as “Tweens.”

As each Tween discovers something new about their personal lives like their family crises, their real identities, new flames, and the realization that there is more to what they think they are and what others see them to be, it is only fitting to feature them in their own drama series where they can truly shine.

The Tween Royalties of GMA Pinoy TV headlined by Barbie Forteza and Joshua Dionisio, Bea Binene and Jake Vargas, together with Joyce Ching, Kristoffer Martin, Lexi Fernandez, Louise de los Reyes, and Derek Monasterio are all set to grab the limelight in the newest youth-oriented drama series – REEL LOVE presents TWEEN HEARTS – which started airing on October 2.

Basking in the success of their flourishing careers, these Tweens are ready to amuse the viewers and their legions of fans and supporters in the eight-part episode of TWEEN HEARTS which features endearing storylines, captivating characterizations, intriguing plots, and universal themes for all ages.

After many years of separation, Bambi (Barbie) is finally reunited with her mom Irene (Sylvia Sanchez) and younger sister Belinda (Bea). She used to live a simple life in the province with her father Ted (Emilio Garcia), while Belinda enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle with Irene in the city.

The differences between Bambi and Belinda, apart from the special attention Irene gives to Bambi to make up for the lost time they were not together, ignite tension between the sisters.

Belinda finds comfort in the arms of Jacob (Jake), known as one of the school’s outcasts. Jacob offers reassuring words to Belinda which later on develops into a special friendship between the two.

Aside from Bambi’s newfound home, she also transfers to Belinda’s campus where she meets a new batch of friends including Luisa (Louise), Aya (Joyce), and Jacob. Adding spice to her school life are Leslie (Lexi), Rick (Derek), and Josh (Joshua).

Josh is widely known as the over-achiever in the campus. He spends more time alone and often rejects the rules imposed by his sister Rose (Roxanne Barcelo). Nothing can get in his way except Bambi who softens his heart and strong persona.

The story begins to intensify when Rick, Belinda, and Leslie organize an underground victory party in celebration of the championship won by the varsity team. Joining the festivity are the school’s “outcasts” headed by Bambi, Jacob, Aya, and Luisa.

In the middle of the party, a commotion erupts and everyone is reprimanded and the school authorities order them to attend a recollection as punishment.

The students think it is the usual recollection but they get the shock of their lives when they discover that the affair will be in the form of various activities that will test their strengths, weaknesses, emotions, and their way of thinking.

What will happen to sisters Bambi and Belinda? Will an earnest apology be enough to heal the wounds that rip them apart? Will Bambi become the perfect tool to warm the heart of the bully Josh? Will the music geek Jacob be able to tame the spoiled brat Belinda? Who between Leslie and Aya will win Chris’ heart? Who will end up victorious in the never-ending battle of Luisa and Rick?

In preparation for their roles, the entire cast underwent extensive workshops and trainings facilitated by the episode’s director Gina Alajar. Rounding up the cast are Sylvia Sanchez as Irene, Emilio Garcia as Ted, and Roxanne Barcelo as Rose with a team of seasoned scriptwriters headed by Kit Villanueva-Langit, together with Roy Iglesias as Senior Creative Consultant, and Denoy Navarro-Punio as Creative Consultant.

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