It’s a lie, James Yap says of report he refused to support Baby James

Popular but controversial basketball star James Yap has been accused of allegedly refusing to provide support or to offer support for his son by presidential sister and television host Kris Aquino Yap.

But the Philippine Basketball Association most valuable player has a ready answer to the allegations:”I think it’s a lie.”

James Yap

Yap stressed the point through Atty. Lorna Kapunan, his lawyer in the legal separation or annulment of marriage petition filed against him by the television host and actress.

Yap disclosed that even before his relationship with wife Kris soured, he had opened a separate account for their son, who is known to both as Bimpy.

Yap’s lawyer made the revelation in public through a taped interview in the showbiz talk show Startalk on GMA 7 last Saturday.

“Nagbukas na nga siya ng bank account or trust account for Baby James even before they started quarreling…to say that he refuses or does not offered support, I think it’s a lie,” Kapunan told the GMA show.

It was alleged that James failed to assist Kris when their son was hospitalized recently.

Kapunan also denied allegations that James has the intention to get any property of Josh, the first son of Kris by actor Philip Salvador.

The lady lawyer said James has a good relationship with Josh, so James was hurting that he is being accused of planning something not good for the child.

“It is really sad na her whole life becomes a drama…since she has said to us she’s not demanding anything that belongs to Josh or that belongs to Baby James. It is Kris who is talking to James saying, ‘Ito na lang ang sa’yo…It is not James saying I want this,” Kapunan told the television show as reported in the website of GMA Network.

She added: “James has a very good relationship with Josh and to even say that he is getting and that he has the intent of getting the properties of Josh, I think at the very least it is so hurtful.”

On the amended petition filed by Kris on the annulment case with James, Kapunan said that the television host-actress may have thought it well that her first basis for the separation would have harmful effect on their son Baby James.

In her amended petition, Kris asked the Makati court to annul their marriage due to “mutual psychological incapacity” or both have “personality disorder” even while they were young.

Kris was also quoted in the Startalk report that she and James should undergo psychological testing on a longer process.

In her original petition, Kris said her marriage with James should be voided because their officiating person had no authority to marry them.

“If that happens (walang awtoridad ang nagkasal kina James at Kris) ang child nila magiging illegitimate…(Kris camp) realizes it may not have a good effect on Baby James,” said Kapunan.

Earlier, GMA News quoted Kris as saying that one of those she regreted in life was why she did not follow the advice of her mother that she and James could have signed a pre-nuptial agreement to be able to protect her first son Josh.

“The regret, if you ask me, was that my mom had said to me, ‘I only ask you one thing, humingi ka ng pre-nup [pre-nuptial agreement] para ma-secure mo si Josh. It was not for any other reason, and sana huwag sabihin ng mga tao na naging matapobre ang pamilya namin or anything like that, hindi, e.,” Kris was quoted as saying by the network.

“My mom’s concern was because Josh is illegitimate; Josh is a special child who has so many needs. So, my mom just wanted, nung time na yun, na kung anong mangyari, hindi darating sa point na maaagrabiyado yung isa kong anak. So, yun ang ano ko ngayon…” she added.

Due to the legal separation or annulment of marriage case filed by Kris against her estranged husband James, they will have to divide their properties and earnings accumulated during their years of marriage. It was estimated that the value in question would amount to P500 million or thereabouts.

“Kung meron man akong iniyak in this whole thing, nalugi talaga ang panganay kong anak,”said in a report of Fidel R Jimenez on GMANews.TV.

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