Singer-actor Anthony Castello cites Sotto on hostage case probe

Sept 3, 2010

Dakilang Lahi Foundation Chairman and former Quezon City Councilor Anthony Castelo has expressed support for Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto’s position on the bloody August 23, 2010 hostage crisis in Manila.

As an observer during last week’s Senate hearing on the recent hostage- taking incident, Castelo said, “While we have a personality-driven culture, I agree with Senator Sotto’s point that it was better that President Aquino did not get directly involved and was not visible in the media as some critics would have wanted, posing the question.

“If the President was there, what could have stopped the deranged hostage-taker, who was monitoring the news from the bus, from taking the entire country hostage?” he asked. Castelo, who led a crime-prevention information program during his stint as Quezon City councilor, also added, “But I go along with those who say that in a critical situation as that one, the services of an expert hostage – negotiator should have been sought, because an early resolution could have save many lives”.

Castelo said he also agreed with Sotto’s other point, contrary with others who say that authorities should have unconditionally given in to the hostage – taker’s demand to be reinstated in the service.

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