Fr. Tirso Villaverde’s 40th Birthday Bash

Sept 3, 2010

Saturday, August 28, 2010, St. Bartholomew Church, Chicago

On Saturday, August 28, friends and parishioners of St. Bartholomew Church by Cicero and Addison tendered a birthday bash for their beloved priest, Fr. Tirso Villaverde, on the occasion of his 4oth birthday. Fellow priests, Fr. Jason Malave and Fr. Eduardo Pinzon, along with two more from the Queen of All Saints, Fr. Mike Grisalano and Fr. Mike Goergen, helped with the preparations.

The celebration was held at the church and school facilities and food, mostly Filipino dishes and desserts were home cooked and brought by their Filipino American parishioners and dear friends.

Julius Cacho & Oliver Sarmiento Marissa Espinosa and Ted Costa
Fr. Tirso Villaverde, 3rd from left together with his friends and wellwishers. Astro and Fritz Rafil
Lyn Rafil, far right, escapes two dancers performing the Chicken dance with gusto.
Trying to get group photo at closing time

Among the guests were MegaScene avid readers and their families: Julius Cacho, Ted Costa, Franz & Marissa & Violeta Espinosa, Mary & Mike Kessler, Astro & Fritz & Lyn Rafil and Oliver Sarmiento, Sue Sibal, plus Angie, Eleanor, Jaime, Marc, Marcial, Tim & Patty Villaverde and Heather Cabralles Guests were entertained by a DJ with karaoke & dancing – including the extended version of the Chicken Dance – punctuated by a lot of bad dancing! The happy celebrant, Fr. Tirso Villaverde says he’s going to donate many of his presents to charity.

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