by Fred C. Wilson III

Aug 27, 2010

The Quirino Hostage Situation

“Dealing with people is probably the biggest problem you face, especially if you are in business. Yes, and that is also true if you are a housewife, architect or engineer.” -Dale Carnegie-


The rogue cop who seized that bus with Hong Kong tourists took newly installed Philippine President Benigno ‘Noy Noy’ Aquino by surprise. Nobody expected that. After 11 hot hours that ended in a gun fight the streets of Manila, eight innocent Hong Kong tourists including hostage-taker sacked senior PNP Inspector Rolando Mendoza were left dead. Reader, we both saw the videos. We know what went down. Who was to blame but the shooter, of course, not those innocents. What happened was the most recent ‘installment’ in a long list of troubles in a troubled country that boldly defies any hint of positive change.

Sharpshooters take aim! ©

Filipinos around the globe are screaming for NoyNoy’s head. Barely 100 days in office pundits are thinking impeachment. Damn! Talking about a rough start; President Aquino has his work cut out for him.

According to the Earth Times:
“The Philippine Daily Inquirer editorial said it added that Aquino’s excuse of not wanting to micromanage the situation only ‘indicates a failure to appreciate the role he is called upon to play in this theatre of governance. It disappoints because it appears to shirk responsibility,’ the editorial said. ‘It displays dare we say it a dangerous naiveté?’ “Allies of former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, whose government peacefully resolved a similar hostage-taking in 2007, said the crisis was an acid test for Aquino’s leadership and he ‘failed miserably.’ The crisis demanded decisive action and forthright presidential action, but the president was nowhere to be found,’ Congressman Edcel Lagman said. ‘There was an obvious failure of leadership and now we are the laughingstock of the international community,’ he added.”

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I searched the Internet to dig up what Philippine nemesis-par-excellence Chip Taso had to say about the hostage situation. Reader I know you remember our old buddy Chip the Hong Kong writer who made such nasty comments about the Philippines being a nation of maids, nannies, really negative **** like that? So far he’s said nada (nothing) about what happened. Last time I checked he was busy yammering away about how Chinese girls are dating white boys in increasing numbers. I did a racesex piece some time ago. I’m gonna’ leave that one alone. Getting back to the subject; what was going through that guy’s head when he decided to seize a busload of innocent vacationers? Jobs are very hard to find during tough economic times, good jobs especially. Despite his personal problems what Mendoza did was unconscionable.

It was a sad day…©

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist as the old cliché goes to figure that one out. It reminds me of the time when I was still living on the mostly African American south side (Chicago). I had just boarded a bus near the corner of Stony Island and 63rd Street after getting off the ‘L.’ I paid my fare. The bus was crowded. I was lucky to find a seat. I sat near the rear like the driver suggested when this brother (man) who was standing up across the aisle from me started talking loud with his buddy. “Man, I just lost my job over some bull****. I feel so mother******* bad I’m gonna’ take out my piece (weapon) and I’m gonna’ shoot me some n****rs!” Reader, picture this…a tall skinny guy in a faded trench coat who had just lost his job took out his gun…waved it around threatening us with it. Some heavy set woman let loose a death rattling scream so loud it could have brought Harold (Harold Washington) back (resurrected him)! The crowded bus emptied in two seconds (two minutes actually) flat! Only a few dog tired people, myself included and the man I was talking with remained on that bus! I was too damn tired to go anywhere. I had had a hard day dealing with my stupid*** principal so the irate ‘brother’ could have just shot me. I was too tired to even care.

May this rest in peace…amen ©

‘Back in the day’ (the past) I was a young 20-something, slim, didn’t-take-any-crap from nobody,
veteran ghetto high school teacher so no gun was going to scare me from the comfort of that well deserved seat on the back of that bus; besides my feet hurt. Reader I said that to say this-MISERY LOVES COMPANY. Mendoza was hurting and perhaps the man wanted others to ‘share in his sorrows’ or else maybe-we’ll never know-some of his female relatives might have shared with him their horror stories of ill treatment by exploitive Hong Kong employers and the ex-cop wanted revenge. Seizing that bus may have been his idea of ‘payback’ but again who can say. None of us knew what was on that man’s mind, only GOD who handed down his final sentence.


Many people fear that Hong Kong based Filipina helpers are in for some tough times. They fear a ferocious backlash from angry Hong Kong Chinese over the Manila bus incident. The people of that trade city have the right to be angry at the killings, the way the PNP handled the situation, and the silence from the Palace. Within a day or two from this writing you can bet our old buddy Chip will certainly add his ‘two cents’ (opinion) worth to the Quirino hostage equation. According to Channel News Asia intense resentment against the allegedly non-action on the part of the new Philippine government is rapidly building.


As quickly as a killer F-5 tornado sweeping and clearing miles of what was once cities, towns, and farms leaving death and sorrow in its’ wake, the Quirino bus hostage situation has come and gone. The big question: WHAT’S NEXT? This sad scenario reminds me of that old 1980’s popular tune ‘Pick up the Pieces’ which is just about what the Philippine people will just have to do. We’ll see. Reader that’s all for this week’s Mega Scene’s Philippine Adventures; GOD bless.

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