Night Sky

Night sky of my mind

Like the Milky Way

Stretching infinitely back

In vast chains of trailing beacons –

A fiery synaptic symphony of spirit

Each holding, forever cherishing,

A moment in ancestral time, unique

In learning, in collective memory.

Lights reach back far beyond

My gift to see.

I sense their presence,

An initial spark, a warm glow

Flashing like electric current

Tensing, pulsing neural passages.

No candles behind me,

No expired, blackened embers,

But vital quavers from a deeper

Bygone past, forging

A present, a future for me,

For mine, for others.

Night sky, starry, so vast…

Held miraculously

In nine inches of cranial space.

Our synapse chains, they say,

Can circumnavigate Our Planet

Sixteen times or more

Without breaking?

Now mine reach out

Along the entire Milky Way!

Just so powerful is our primal bond

With Mother Earth, with Time.

Night sky, infinite spirit,

Feed my future dreams,

My present.

Light the flame

That binds me to others,

And bonds others to me.

Paul Ballard
August 15, 2014
Scoglitti, Sicily

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