“I will follow anyone and remind everyone of enslaving Yazidi woman and forced [sic] to donate blood to ISIS men.” -Widad Akrawi-  
Individuals and nations gain greater strength by reemphasizing their original goals. Humans do this through maintaining healthy lifestyles which includes regular medical checkups, proper diet, exercise, adequate sleep and right living. Nations/organizations do this by removing subversive elements from the ranks, reeducation of individuals grown slack, removing treasonous individuals by more forceful methods and replenishing your organization/nation with loyal members. This is the growth pattern the nefarious Islamic State employ. ISIS increase its’ strength through purging and replenishing their ranks while Western states continue to weaken their forces through a variety of self-defeating methods which will lead to their eventual demise.
The West is rotting from within as the ravishing forces of pseudo-liberalism and reaction eat away at the entrails of Western civilization. This is done under the guise of Socialism a political philosophy barely understood even by seasoned politicos let alone the mindless minions who serve them. Misguided actions (the Viet Nam conflict, both Gulf Wars and Afghanistan) continue to tear away at the fabric of white mismanaged civilization. The Christian Church, the militaries, banking/other business and political interests continue to dissipate doctrine and sound fiscal/ political policies all of which will lead to eventual collapse. The traditional family continues to decline due to escalating divorce rates, broken homes, the growth of non-traditional ‘marriage’ and general apathy, the prime destroyer of peoples and institutions. Today’s bread and circus mentality reminds me of the declining Roman Empire when a barbarian army entered a prominent North African city spoiling for a fight only to discover the entire populace attending the bloody gladiatorial ‘games’ at a local arena. The people were completely oblivious to the destruction that awaited them. The make believe world of cyber space is the new arena. Islamist forces are the old barbarians with a brand new twist.
A growing number of the world’s Muslims realize that a strong and modern caliphate under a single ruler similar yet more powerful than the once strong Ottoman Empire is their solution to the current global mismanagement as well as the preservation and spreading of world Islam. With the fall of Western communism and decline of faith and morals in the West their time is come. Given the current condition of Western sociological structures, the raging forces of Islamism will emerge victorious within 50 years. Also within that time frame the majority of the world’s inhabitants will be non-white a boost to an eventual Islamic take over. In the not so distant future the ossified West will give way to a resurgent East for better or for worse.
Leftist Europe and the U.S. will be in for a very rude awakening within the next two decades. Both will learn the hard way that the Islamic armies aka Europe’s Muslim migrants many of whom are fifth columnists will overpopulate them, out fight them and out pray them. They take their faith and morals vastly more seriously than their Western counterparts. Backed by wealthy and influential silent partners ISIS, al Qaeda and other Islamist terror groups are the driving force behind the Islamization of Europe and eventual subjugation of both Western and Southern Hemispheres. Reader, have you noticed from pictures and videos that most migrants ‘fleeing’ warring Islamic countries are young men of military age men with a few women, children and old people thrown in for ‘diversities’ sake? Europe is trading its long neglected Christian identity for Islam. In quick time this will result in dire consequences. It is highly possible that World War III will again be fought in Europe and the Middle East like the two previous world wars, only this one will be nuclear if Russia’s recent moves into Syria are indications of what lies ahead.
Western leaders are blinded by votes and money. They close their eyes as their countries decline as national economies plummet, impoverishing millions. Rumors have it that Saudi Arabia and other Islamic oil giants are paying off Western leaders to pass favorable legislation within their nations to look the other way while Islamists overrun their countries. The Saudis have set aside funds to build 200 mosques in Germany alone. Money buys a lot of friends. Western leaders are selling their countries to rich Islamists since money is their only god.
For the United States and its allies to wage a full scale shooting war against ISIS and other Islamist organs would be foolhardy. Western armies have historically been defeated fighting Asian ground wars for lack of proper intelligence gathering, inadequate forces, impossible logistics and native resentment of foreign troops destroying their homelands. To combat invasion by Western troops the locals would more than likely join IS’s efforts to expel the ‘infidel’ ; collateral damage would be high. This will only fuel the fires of hate dominating that region. ISIS has bragged that they would love to engage Coalition troops on their home ground. Given the situation between the current White House administration, ISIS may soon get their chance. Islamic State soldiers love to fight. With sophisticated state-of-the-art weaponry and a steady stream of funds to finance operations Western armies wouldn’t stand much of a chance in defeating a homegrown terrorist army backed by their citizens. A Vietnam style land war in Islamic State territory would take decades to even make a dent in Islamist war strategy.
Many commentators have stated plainly that the only real way to defeat ISIS is through rival (Shia vs. Sunni) Muslim troops. This scenario is highly improbable. If I were Muslim I would naturally favor a caliphate that consisted of a single land mass that united the world’s billion plus Muslims who share religion, morality and ideals into forming an Islamic super state. Another incentive for reestablishing a caliphate is to assuage the resentment that exists in the region over the two Gulf Wars, the first of which demolished Iraq the region’s only 1st world state into the present 3rd world sink hole. Throw in Afghanistan, Boko Haram, Mindanao, the unrest among the Uighur minority headquartered in China’s far Western provinces geographically bordering the larger Muslim world, these countries’ 10.5 million strong Hui peoples centered in and near China’s capitol city Beijing plus America’s home grown terror network, you have the makings of a global confrontation of epic proportions.
–To be Continued.-
Reader next edition we’ll discuss the real reasons why Europe is being deluged by thousands of young military age Middle Eastern men many or most are fifth columnists serving ISIS positioning themselves for the eventual Islamization and takeover of Europe.
Till next time GOD bless. (

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