Kris Aquino drops plan to run in 2016, vows to help Nora Aunor regain voice; talks about marriage proposal of Herbert

MANILA – Actress and television host Kris Aquino has confirmed that she will not run for any government position in the 2016 elections, saying her family is her priority over politics.
Earlier, Kris, 44, who is Kristina Bernadette Cojuangco Aquino in real life, was reported to be eyeing the governorship of Tarlac, then a Senate or congressional seat in Quezon City or the Vice Presidency.
As early as May last year, Kris has denied plans to run for Vice President.
In a related development, former Tarlac Gov. Margarita “Tingting” Cojuangco, said she would rather leave than see her famous niece-in-law in an elective position.
“I’ll just leave the country,” the 70-year-old former model said in jest when Kris’ running for public office was broached in a forum of the Capampangan in Media Inc. at the Holiday Inn in Clark Freeport on Feb. 20.
Meanwhile, Kris revealed that her ex-boyfriend, Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista, had asked her at one point to marry him.
In a rare blog entry titled “The State of My Heart,” Aquino gave details of her past relationship with the former actor, with whom she has renewed ties as friends as reported by ABS-CBN on its website.
However, Aquino said she has realized she can no longer be friends with Bautista, as “continuing the friendship will continue to make me long for what wasn’t meant to be.”
ABS-CBN quoted the host and actress statement: “This is the first time I’ll publicly acknowledge this, because I can now recall with absolutely no bitterness or regrets; on the first Friday of April nearly a year ago during merienda, he said he was tired, he didn’t want to play games, he was tired of chasing and of running away, and he wanted to feel secure with someone he could grow old with. He said, walang romance, walang lokohan, walang bolahan. Okay na raw ba ‘ko to marry him kasi nga pagod na siya?”
“I remember laughing and saying that was probably the least romantic proposal any woman has ever received, but because we were so similar in our weirdness, I was in agreement; I wanted to grow old with him because I knew we’d never be bored conversing, and maybe this was where God led two individuals who deserved a chance at life-long companionship with maturity, and full acceptance of equally colorful pasts.”
Aquino, according to the network report, narrated what transpired in the following days, including attending a Catholic mass together, and Bautista’s first meeting with her family. She recalled that day as particularly emotional one, as she and Bautista discussed their expectations of each other.
“I said I realized he never said he loved me, he was simply tired, and I didn’t want to be his version of Salonpas, Alaxan, Ben Gay, or a massage. He cried too and said he was scared, overwhelmed, afraid of being branded a ‘user’ when he has given the majority of his life to public service, and maybe we should take a step back,” she said.
Dubbed the Queen of All Media, Kris made known her plan to abandon politics during an interview on ABS-CBN’s “The Buzz” in answer to a question of guest Nora Aunor.
“Hindi po,” she told the veteran actress as reported by the network on its website, adding that she was surprised when she learned that people have been talking about the topic.
“You all know what my priority is, mga anak ko,” Aquino said, referring to James Yap Jr. or Bimby and Joshua, her son with actor Philip Salvador. She also said that her son’s nanny is also getting married later this year and will soon leave them.
“Kasi ‘yung yaya ni Bimb ikakasal sa September. The yaya was there from the start, siyempre wala kami ni James…so I really promised him na for the entire adjustment period, I’m gonna be there,” Aquino explained.
“Ang pulitika requires someone who has no other responsibility but the responsibility to serve the constituents. Boy, I want to be the best mom I can be, and I cannot be the best mom I can be if hahatiin ko,” she told co-host Boy Abunda.
The youngest sister of President Benigno Aquino III vowed to instead create more jobs for Filipinos, which she believes is her “calling.” She said she may open three to eight more branches of a popular fastfood chain.
She also added that she needs to be available next year to take care of her brother once his term as president ends.
Kris said that she is bracing for the worst scenario when her President brother will step down in 2016: facing cases, which will be filed against him by his political opponents.
“Let’s be honest, maraming magiging kaso next year (na isasampa laban sa Presidente),” the actress said on “The Buzz” which she co-hosts with Boy Abunda.
The actress was apparently worried that the President may go through the same misfortunes of former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, who after she stepped down from Malacanang in 2010, was hounded by countless corruption lawsuits.
Aquino’s term expires on June 30, 2016.
Rumors circulated in 2014 saying that Kris is mulling a vice presidential bid to which she denied.
Meanwhile, Kris Aquino and avid Noranian Boy Abunda have volunteered to help finance Nora Aunor’s vocal cord operation.
The offer came after Nora related she needed to have it done again during her appearance on “The Buzz” show and was reported by local media including Marjorie Duran of Philippine Star.
“Hindi ako nakakakanta. Ngayon, namamaos na naman ako kaya siguro kailangan ko na talaga magpa-opera sabi ng doctor sa Boston noong nagpunta ako,” Nora said.

Nora, however, said that she’s having difficulty raising money needed for the procedure. Boy replied, “Tutulungan kitang mag-ipon. Magipon tayo nang sabay,” adding, “Tutulungan tayo ni Kris.”
Kris agreed to pay for Nora’s airfare to Boston while Boy promised to shoulder The Superstar’s hospital fees.
A seemingly overwhelmed Nora asked if the offer was for real and the two hosts readily replied in the affirmative. “Maraming bagay na kaming dalawa ang nagtutulungan talaga,” Boy said.
Kris added, “Making you (Nora) happy will make Boy happy.”

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