A Tribute to OFWs Cash Gift: Love Made Tangible

Whenever Overseas Filipino Workers go home to the Philippines, they share their hard-earned money with family, friends, and strangers generously.
1. Milk

She’s two going three
Ain’t got a daddy
Lucky she is blessed
With a single mommy

Kind neighbors give her
Pretty little dresses
Bananas and mangoes
A smile, a hug, a kiss

One day, a godmother
Comes home from Japan
Gives her a cash gift
So she can buy milk.

2. Birthday

He’s almost twenty
A college student
Takes the jeep, MRT
Promises his girl friend

He’ll make her birthday
Happier than happy
They’ll climb Mount Everest
They’ll fly to the moon

One day, elder sister
Comes home from Qatar
Gives him a cash gift
For balloons and roses.
3. Bridge

The distance of time,
Culture, power, wealth
Has kept two friends apart
One married well, one didn’t

The spinster is old
Jobless and homeless
The old maid is lonely
Abandoned and forlorn

One day, the married friend
Comes home from Iran
Gives the helpless a cash gift
And bridges the distance.

4. Mercy

He’s old, sick, and shabby
Thin, haggard, and smelly
Lives in a borrowed shack
Dies in his neighbors’ embrace

They pool together
Whatever they can spare
To give the dead a wake
No food, no flowers

One day, strangers come
From Korea and Brunei
They give a cash gift
Hire a hearse and pay a priest!

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