Chito Miranda proposes to Neri Naig on video

Not so long ago, the entertainment industry was caught in a controversy when a private video of a celebrity couple was made public illegally. The intimate scenes starred Chito Miranda and Neri Naig.
On the eve of May 14, however, social media went abuzz yet again on the couple’s latest video: a well-crafted wedding proposal this time around.
The video produced by Nice Print Photography showed the 38-year-old Parokya ni Edgar frontman looking mushy yet cool while trying to make his girlfriend of over two years say yes. Chito personally staged proposal and wanted it documented.
“Baby, look, I prepared everything for you,” the rockstar said–pointing to the big projector in the garden, which his team set up to appear like Neri would star in a music video.
He then kneeled and said “I love you very much, baby” before he popped the question.
And just like PNE’s hit, “Yes, Yes Show” Chito succeeded with Neri replying, “Of course, yes!”
Judging from the public sentiment, it appears the video is set to bury that of Chito and Neri’s previous one. Shortly after the sex video surfaced in August 2013, the musician sought the National Bureau of Investigation’s help to determine who stole the video from his laptop.
While Neri appeared surprised and emotional, the 29-year-old TV actress knew it was just a matter of time Chito would actually pop the question as the rockstar has been vocal of his plans to marry his girlfriend since late last year.
Watch the video yourself and see how deeply in love the couple is.

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