Kris Aquino’s boyfriend is QC Mayor Herbert Bautista?

Presidential sister Kris Aquino’s new boyfriend is not Bataan Governor Albert Garcia after all. 
This as words are abuzz in the showbusiness circle that the new suitor of the Queen of All Media is Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista himself. 
Many columnists wrote about speculations on the new suitor of Kris but neither her nor Mayor Bautista would confirm nor deny the reports. 
It was learned that although Mayor Bautista, an established actor before going into politics, has five children with two women, he has not been married. Kris, on the other hand, is now available having secured an invalidation of her marriage with basketball star James Yap. 
Columnist Mario Bautista said showbiz columnists and writers have pursued Mayor Bautista about the report, but were unsuccessful. 
The mayor was scheduled to get his special Helen Vela Achievement award for comedy at the Golden Screen Awards at Teatrino Greenhills last week but he did not show up. In his stead, his sister Harlene received the award for him, saying he’s indisposed.
Some writers said Mayor rbert purposely did not attend as he is scared he would be grilled about the currently much reported affair he’s now said to be having with Kris Aquino.
“It’s said he’s the secret lover that Kris has been alluding to for the past weeks without revealing his true identity, causing many friends of Tates Gana (Herbert’s long time companion with whom he has two kids) to feel sad if this was true,” Mario Bautista wrote.
The columnist, an authority in showbusiness, quoting Kris watchers, wrote in his latest column that they “believe that this is just a passing fancy.” 
And they have reason to downplay the report on Kris supposed boyfriend. 
“ Because judging from the track record of the guys linked to her or had a relationship with her before, they’re all tall and handsome, like Phillip Salvador (father of her son Joshua), James Yap (father of Bimby), Joey Marquez, Robin Padilla, Richard Gomez, cagers Alvin Patrimonio and Rommel Adducul,” he wrote.
Citing Kris watchers, the columnist added: “They surmise that the Herbert Bautista episode is just one of her many concocted stories to keep her being talked about and perpetually in the limelight, which she thrives on.” 
Meanwhile,  Kris said she wants to keep her romantic life private and appealed to her fans to give her privacy that she needs when it comes to her love life.
After posting cryptic love messages on Instagram for a few weeks now, the television host was bombarded with questions from her fans on the identity of the mystery guy she’s dating.
Aquino also took the image-sharing application to explain that she read all the messages but decided to keep her love life away from the prying eyes of the public.
“I can’t pretend I haven’t read your comments, questions & speculations about my relationship status & part of that is my fault for sharing so much of my heart in these posts, but I want what we have to work so forgive me for choosing to not reveal his identity,” she wrote.
The Presidential sister knows that she makes a living from the love and support of the viewers, but said “I owe myself this chance at lasting happiness.”
Aquino added that they are work in progress but this mystery guy encourages her to be her best.
She also described him as the one “I’ve been praying for.”
“I’m learning understanding, respect, and maturity because he is intelligent, hard working, patient, simple, humble, funny, grounded & stable, YES he is what I’ve been praying for,” she said.
“Thank you to all those wishing me happiness, I am genuinely touched by your affection for me,” she ended.
To recall, the television host started to open up again about her romantic life last February. Kris revealed she was “semi-heartbroken” during her birthday but moved on and seemed to be seeing another man.
According to one report, she’s currently linked to Brazilian-Japanese model Daniel Matsunaga, which she denied, and Bataan Governor Abet Garcia.

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