Pinay caregiver is ‘X Factor Israel’ winner

A Filipina caregiver who has been working in Israel for four years now has made her countrymen proud.
But not in her profession as a caregiver where many Filipinos in that country are known for but as an outstanding singer.
She is Rose Fostanes, 47, who was declared the first season winner of the talent show “X Factor Israel.”
Fostanes impressed the judges and viewers during the live finale of the show with her rendition of Frank Sinatra classic “My Way” with an orchestra accompaniment.
The network ABS-CBN and wire agencies reported that Fostanes received a standing ovation from the judges and audience. The network also posted its report on the good news on its website together with a video of her impressive performance.
Many of the estimated 20,000 Filipino workers in Israel voted for Fostanes together with thousands of Israelis and firmed up their support for her via social media and her eventual win in the contest.
According to the report, the singer’s younger sister Nancy and long-time partner, Mel Adel, were brought to Israel by the show and were focused also during the finals night.
She said in an interview by the show host the presence of her sister and partner boosted her morale for the finals.
The network reported that after she entered the top 3 following the elimination of the group Fusion, Fostanes  sang the Alicia Keys hit song, “If I Ain’t Got You,” with her mentor Shiri Maimon.
“Thank you so much for those Israelis who like my voice…thank you for giving me the chance to be in the X Factor Israel,” Fostanes said after she won. She also thanked the thousands of Filipinos who supported her.
“I love you, I’m so proud of you,” said Maimon.
Runner up to the Filipina singer was young female singer, Eden Ben Zaken, who was mentored by rock singer, Rami Fortis.

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