Quincy’s First Halloween

My grandson, Quincy and I waited a few hours, even left the front door slightly ajar and opened the back door to peek if there was any sign of his friends showing up for their trick or treat but sadly, there was none. A basketful of good treats – chocolates, Skittles and an assortment of Tootsie Rolls waited by the door but there were no takers.
Dressed up as a monkey, first, then as a Panda, Quincy had his first Halloween as a big disappointment more to his Lola (grandma) who wanted to see his big, round eyes light up at the sight of children in their funny or scary costumes. I was afraid there wouldn’t be enough kids and parents trick or treating because of the rain but I didn’t think there would be none… nada…nyet… zilt!
But leave it to happy Quincy, who needed no one to cheer him up and have fun. Here’s his photos shared by his Mom after taking him home. I know most grandmas share this gush of unbridled pride and joy over everything their precious tots say and do. So, please excuse my shameless and patronizing plugs.



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