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America’s Great Telecoms’ Consolidation : How Will It Impact Our Economy and Future Jobs? What Can We Do About It ?

Something has radically changed in the cost and quality of our telephone, cable TV and Internet services in recent years. It reflects a shift that has occurred gradually over a decade but with potentially devastating effect for our future prosperity and wellbeing. Prices are now significantly higher. Quality of service – notably Internet speed – in America has slipped behind that of other advanced nations. Continue reading

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Nationalism means opposing China’s imperialism

This past week China responded to Pres. Obama’s recent Asian tour by deploying an armada of 80 military and civilian ships, along with support aircraft, to install a billion dollar oil rig in the territorial waters of Vietnam. When Vietnam responded by dispatching 30 of its ships to defend its sovereign territory, China used high-powered water cannons to disperse them and even rammed its vessels straight into Vietnamese ships causing serious damage to the ships and injury to those on board. Continue reading

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ShareTweet Maituturing na isa sa pinakamatagumpay na opisyal na dalaw o state visit ng pangulo ng US sa Pilipinas ang kay Pangulong Obama nitong Abril 2014. Nagkataong katatapos lang ilathala ang isang sarbey na nangunguna raw ang mga Pinoy sa … Continue reading

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Does the fetus have rights?

I redrafted this column last Sunday after greeting my 95-year-old Mom a Happy Mother’s Day. I am eternally grateful to her for respecting my rights, for caring and protecting me when I was a fetus in her womb. My admiration also goes to all mothers around the world who value and cherish all their children. A belated Happy Mother’s Day to them. Continue reading

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“Gato escaldodo del agua fria huye” (A scalded cat flees from cold water) meaning, ‘Once bitten, Twice Shy’. Continue reading

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Usap-usapan at Balitang Kutsero (On Hearsays and Horse Tales)

Isang araw, si Aling Balat-Sibuyas at si Mang Balat-Kalabaw ay nagtalo. Wika ni Aling Balat-Sibuyas, “Mas mabuti yata at karapat-dapat na ang Pilipino ay manatiling mahiyain at manahimik na lamang kapag may nagtatalo. Continue reading

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Pacifying the Pacific

In the aftermath of the signing of the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) between the United States and the Philippines, China unexpectedly took a conciliatory stance.  Continue reading

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As the pork barrel saga continues, The wheels of justice grind exceedingly slow

Many people expressed relief that the so-called list and confession of alleged pork scam queen Janet Lim Napoles which former Senator Panfilo Lacson got from the husband and relatives of Napoles have been turned over to the Senate after days of questionable delays. Continue reading

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Chito Miranda proposes to Neri Naig on video

May 16, 2014
Not so long ago, the entertainment industry was caught in a controversy when a private video of a celebrity couple was made public illegally. The intimate scenes starred Chito Miranda and Neri Naig. Continue reading

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PAL deploys new fleet to US

May 16, 2014
MANILA — National flag carrier Philippine Airlines (PAL) has deployed its newest aircraft, Boeing 777-300ER, to make non-stop flights to the US mainland. Continue reading

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