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Peace, Confrontation or Drift ? Which Way are the World and American Foreign Policy Headed ?

Watching recent dramatic events unfold in world politics – especially in Ukraine and in Syria but also elsewhere – like me you may have begun to have the unsettling feeling something fundamental is changing in the world in which we live. Continue reading

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Gazmin’s Twit

The Philippine Daily Inquirer reported on March 23 that “Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin on Saturday twitted activists for their silence on the country’s territorial dispute with China, while they loudly protest the Philippines’ new defense cooperation agreement with the United States.” Continue reading

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Lovemaking and health, etc.

Why is lovemaking good for us?
Scientific evidences suggest that clean sex is good for us in more ways than one. Here are some of the dozen reasons why it is so. Continue reading

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Palayain ang mga Taludtod ni Balagtas

Talang-pangtalampakan lang sa kabuuang kasaysayan ng Pilipinas ang pangalan ni Kakosang Francisco Balagtas subalit bilang makata siya’y isang higanteng pigura. Ang bigat ng pagkamakata ni Balagtas, sa aking tuos, ay mas sumalalay sa kadahupan ng panulaang may baylayn sa pangkalahatang kamalayan ng mga Pilipino at di sa intrinsikong ekselensiya ng kanyang mga tula. Continue reading

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A PAPAL ASSESSMENT Pope Francis’ Report Card

Pope Francis has been labeled the most charismatic pontiff since Blessed Pope John XXIII. The reigning pope has charm, street smarts, and personal holiness. He is eminently qualified for his role as the 266th successor to the See of St. Peter as the Vicar of Jesus Christ on Earth. Continue reading

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Ten Things that may happen in a typical Fil-Am Meeting: Foibles of an ethnic imperfection

Some time back, when I used to join so many meetings with assorted Fil-Am clubs and organizations, I counted with my fingers the ones that were productive and efficient, and the ones that took care of food with nothing else. We are not perfect as no one else is. Continue reading

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A Reply to Your Poem by Apollo M. Arenas

Inspired by an old class picture posted on Facebook by a high school classmate, I wrote the poem, “Looking Old, Feeling Good” for the March 16 issue of FilAmMegascene. That classmate, Dr. Apollo M. Arenas, was inspired to write the reply below. Continue reading

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Obama’s gambit

A series of events that led to Russia’s annexation of Crimea have made many to wonder: why didn’t the western powers do anything to stop Russia from grabbing Crimea?   And when Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the law that formalized the annexation of Crimea, President Barack Obama stressed that there will be no “military excursion” into Ukraine.   That was like telling Russia: “Go ahead, invade Ukraine.  We will not intervene.”  Continue reading

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Aldrin Jeff Cudia and the PMA Code of Honor

Who would think that in the Philippines, “lying” could cost a student everything he had worked so hard for and even worse, lose that prized diploma just when it’s within his arms’ reach? The student, Aldrin Jeff Cudia found it out the hard way. Continue reading

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Campaign for fair pay

Pay, compensation or salary is very important to every worker, be it on the executive level, ordinary worker or part-time or contract worker. We should not belabour ourselves on the reasons why. It is clear that one needs pay for the work done to be able to sustain one’s life, support a family or love ones, buy necessities like food, medicines and pay for healthcare, among others. Continue reading

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