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Phl dive exhibit opens in Madrid, targets more Spanish tourists to Manila

June 16, 2013
MADRID, Spain – Philippine Ambassador to Spain Carlos C. Salinas inaugurated the dive exhibit entitled, “Buceo: Es Más Divertido en Filipinas” (Dive: It’s More Fun in the Philippines), in Metro Islas Filipinas in Madrid early June. Continue reading

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Pacquiao to launch tourney to develop boxing champs

June 16, 2013
DAVAO CITY – World boxing icon Manny Pacquiao is out to develop boxing champions. This will be done through the “Manny Pacquiao Presents National Boxing Championship” which will kick off next month in Manila in partnership with GMA TV Channel 7. Continue reading

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Binay to Filipino youth: Celebrate freedom by protecting country

June 16, 2013
MANILA (PinoyNews) — To celebrate freedom is for the Filipino youth to remain vigilant in protecting the country against any threats, Vice President Jejomar Binay said. Binay said the youth — “tomorrow’s future” as national hero Dr. Jose Rizal put it — are “very blessed” for not having to shed blood to fight for freedom from oppressors. Continue reading

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UN protest of China invasion of Ayungin Shoal set July 24

June 16, 2013
NEW YORK CITY – China’s threatened invasion of the Philippines’ Ayungin Reef, located just 105 nautical miles from Palawan, will be the subject of a protest rally at the United Nations (UN) in New York City on July 24 sponsored by the US Pinoys for God Governance (USP4GG). Continue reading

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Pres. Aquino vows protection of nation’s territory, sovereignty

June 16, 2013
MANILA (PilipinasNews) — President Benigno S. Aquino III stressed that the protection of sovereignty and territorial integrity should never be overlooked.
In his 115th Independence Day anniversary message delivered at the Liwasang Bonifacio in Manila, President Aquino compared the modern day Filipino to national hero Andres Bonifacio. Continue reading

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Memorial Day Remembrance : Honoring Our Silent Heroes, Giving the Peace They Call Us To

by Paul Ballard
June 1, 2013
~ “But, in a larger sense, we cannot dedicate – we cannot consecrate – we cannot hallow – this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it far above our poor power to add or detract.” ~ Abraham Lincoln, 1863. Continue reading

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Confronting Big China and Little China

by Rodel Rodis
June 1, 2013
The Scarborough Shoal conflict which began on April 9, 2012 when Chinese fishing vessels were caught poaching in Philippine waters by the Philippine Navy has taken a back seat to a new, potentially graver conflict in the West Philippine Sea, this time with Taiwan, a conflict which began on May 9, 2013 when the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) spotted a Taiwanese fishing boat poaching in Philippine waters off Balintang Island. Continue reading

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Vegetables prolong life

by Dr. Philip S. Chua.
June 1, 2013
George Bernard Shaw. There is no question that diet plays a very important role in the development of cardiovascular diseases, metabolic illnesses, and some forms of cancer, especially of the gastrointestinal tract. One particular diet — one high in saturated fat and cholesterol, Continue reading

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Taywan – Naiwan ng Kasaysayan

by Fermin Salvador.
June 1, 2013
Ang Taywan ay may kasaysayan ng pagpapakitang-arogansiya nang wala sa lugar na nagdudulot dito ng kapahamakan. Isang halimbawa ang wala-sa-lugar na pagpupumilit nito noon na kilalanin bilang ang tunay at nag-iisang “Tsina”. Continue reading

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BUYER BEWARE Countering product fraud

by Fred C. Wilson III
June 1, 2013
Let the buyer beware ‘caveat emptor’ in Latin was originally applied to property laws. In our society this saying could be useful in any business transaction. When companies inject air bubbles in depilatory tubes and cheesecakes to increase volume and dilute the product but jack up prices to rake in more profits something is wrong. Continue reading

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