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How did the Fil-Ams vote

November 16, 2012
Once again, the Filipino-American vote did not show on the radar screen during the recent presidential election. Yes, unlike in past presidential elections, the Fil-Am vote was virtually invisible this year. There were no organized national efforts from the Fil-Am Democrats and Republicans. And if there were, I didn’t see them. Continue reading

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November 16, 2012
There’s no rest for the wicked. Ten days after Barack Obama swept the swing states to win his second term as POTUS, politics, nasty, bitter politics continues to dominate the conversations in the social media and the airwaves. Not surprisingly, the losers, who still couldn’t believe just what hit them, found the people to lay the blame on. Continue reading

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Bruno Mars proud to be a Filipino

November 16, 2012
Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter Bruno Mars has once again talked about his Filipino heritage to indicate his being proud to be a Filipino. Mars made the statement on the television show Saturday Night Live and the Associated Press reported on it. “I am a Filipino,” said Mars, whose real name is Peter Gene Hernandez, during the show. Continue reading

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PH extends FUN welcome to Legend of the Seas

November 16, 2012
The Royal Caribbean International’s Legend of the Seas made its inaugural call on the ports of Manila and Boracay last 26 – 27 October as part of the vessel’s 8-night Southeast Asia itinerary from Hong Kong to Singapore, with stopovers at Xiamen, China; Manila and Boracay, Philippines; and Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. Continue reading

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Pacquiao enters 3rd week of LA training for 4th fight vs Marquez

November 16, 2012
MANILA — After two weeks of routine buildup regimen that concentrated on body-conditioning, Manny Pacquiao looked to have almost recovered what he needed to regain during his five-week training camp in Los Angeles, California. Continue reading

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Losers (There’s the Rub)

November 16, 2012
I was fascinated by my friend Rodel Rodis’ column last week about the political mindset of Filipinos in the United States. “The most disturbing development in the 2012 US presidential elections,” he wrote, “is not the National Asian American Survey showing that more Fil-Ams are registering as Republicans (27%) than as Democrats (24%) but that a large number of these Fil-Am Republicans have embraced the extremist views of the far right Tea Party.” Continue reading

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Party-list groups bring disqualification issue to SC; 8 get support

November 1, 2012
MANILA — The dispute over the party-list groups in the House of Representatives has intensified with 10 more groups delisted by the Commission on Elections but approved one group representing nurses. Continue reading

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Pnoy to seek Obama, US support in resolving disputes over Spratlys

November 16, 2012
MANILA — President Benigno S. Aquino III is expected to seek the support of the United States and US President Barack Obama in resolving the claims over the Spratlys group of islands and reefs which is believed to be rich in gas deposits. Continue reading

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Pulled Pork, Pulled Chicken, and You Ordered What?

by Nelia Dingcong Bernabe
November 1, 2012
I remember like it was just yesterday. It was the first day of grad school and walking into a classroom at this Big Ten University in Evanston, Illinois many moons ago made me think, “If aliens landed on earth, this must be how they felt!” Panic-stricken, I briskly walked over to an empty seat at the back of the room hoping that nobody saw me. Wishful thinking! Continue reading

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Obama and Romney on Scarborough Row

by Rodel Rodis
November 1, 2011
Filipino American supporters of Pres. Barack Obama, all dressed in blue, and backers of Gov. Mitt Romney, decked in red, met at the battlefield of the Redwood Shores studios of ABS-CBN on October 18 to participate in the 2012 Balitang America town hall presidential debate. Continue reading

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