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November 2011
Among the many events inspired by Dr. Jose Rizal 150th Year Anniversary, two productions staged in Chicago brought to the fore the exemplary talent and exceptional community collaboration within the Filipino community. Both productions were presented to honor Dr. Rizal, the Philippine national hero, and to remember his heroic sacrifice of dying so we may live, as he puts it in his “Mi Ultimo Adios”. Continue reading

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by Rodel Rodis
July 16, 2011
SAN FRANCISCO – I brought my daughter, Angela, last weekend to the Anita Sanchez History Museum in the South of Market (SOMA) section of my city to view the centennial retrospective on Filipinos in the year 2012. Continue reading

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Can aging be delayed?

by Dr. Philip S. Chua.
July 16, 2012
Why do we age? Just like machines and engines, our body ages because of the cumulative damages to our cells, tissues and organs (resulting from daily “wear and tear” and the self-abuse humans are well known for) that exceeds our body’s ability to repair them. Continue reading

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Ang Trahedya ng Hari ng Komedya (Umaamot Maging National Artist)

by Fermin Salvador.
July 16, 2012
Bago tayo malungkot, isipin nating sa lahat ng alagad-sining ay isa na marahil si Dolphy sa mga tumanggap ng pinakamalaking ganansiyang maipagkakaloob ng daigdig sa pagtataglay ng pangsining na talento at dunong. Continue reading

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SEX IN SPACE Making Whoopee a Million Miles High

by Fred C. Wilson III
July 16, 2012
Having sex is something most of us enjoy doing; it’s fun. Sex is how we all got here. Sex is healthy. Making love and eating are the two most normal of human activities though creative couples can combine the two.
Continue reading

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Why Employers Are Not Hiring

by Don Azarias
July 16, 2012
If business, indeed, has picked up, why is it that American companies seem too nervous to step up hiring? For that, there are lots of reasons but no easy solutions. Hiring by U.S. employers has slowed for four straight months, while retail sales contracted in May and new applications for jobless benefits have risen for five of the last six weeks. Continue reading

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Reflections on Emptiness

by Arnold De Villa
July 16, 2012

I have a homework assignment. I need to do a research on sterile body cavities, empty body parts that are clean. Besides the cavity in my brain, empty but not necessarily clean, I truly do not know where to begin. Continue reading

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P-Noy’s De Lima Dilemma

July 16, 2012
In a dramatic entry into the Chief Justice selection derby, Secretary of Justice Leila de Lima claimed that she’s a strong candidate for the Supreme Court’s much-coveted top position. Claiming experience and independence, De Lima sought guidance from the Lady of Manaoag, who she believes gave her blessings. Continue reading

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The Right Thang

You read it right. I said right “thang” instead of right “thing.” It’s a play in word, a slang way of saying “thing” just like my once favorite pastry place in the Bucktown area of Chicago called, “Sweet Thang.” It’s just my way of breaking the monotony of the word and catching your attention. Continue reading

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A Voter’s Guide to Voting in the Nov 2012 US Elections

July 16, 2012
You would think that after the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruled in favor of President Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA), these Republican repeal shenanigans would stop. Think again! Continue reading

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