Heneral Luna and the French

After Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists began their massacre of Parisians on Friday the 13th of November, the spectators at a soccer match in Paris between France and Germany spontaneously and defiantly burst into singing the French National Anthem, the La Marseillaise, even though the stadium had just been bombed. Continue reading

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The fountain of youth

Spanish explorer/conquistador, Juan Ponce de Leon, later appointed Governor of Puerto Rico, is the name often associated with the legend of the fountain of youth. On March 4, 1513, he led the fist European expedition and discovered on April 2, 2013 a verdant land he named “Florida” which he believed where the fountain of youth was. Continue reading

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Ang Programang Forensic Files

May isang istasyon sa telebisyon na ang ipinapalabas araw-gabi ay ang mga episod ng programang pinamagatang Forensic Files. Siyento-porsiyentong naghahatid-kaalaman sa mga manonood ang bawat episod na nagsasalaysay sa isang naganap na krimen, ang mga naging hakbang ng mga awtoridad sa pamahalaan upang malutas ito Continue reading

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WYOMING! The Big Empty Part one

Wyoming is huge and sparsely populated. Its people make me flashback to Gary Cooper Westerns that portray ‘Coop’ as silent to the point of frightening. Point—during my teaching years, I remember one mid-October day when I received a new 8th grade student who hailed from Wyoming. He enrolled rather late during the school year. Continue reading

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Can the Philippines defend her sovereignty?

Ever since twelve nationalistic – and left-leaning — members of the Philippine Senate voted to evict the U.S. bases in 1991, our national pride had immeasurably gone up the scale never seen before since the new national flag was raised and independence was declared from Spain on the balcony of Gen. Emilio Aquinaldo’s mansion in Kawit, Cavite, on June 12, 1898. Continue reading

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Members of Congress Need to Spend More Time on Capitol Hill

When Paul Ryan became House Speaker a few weeks ago, he made it clear that he has no intention of spending too much time in Washington. His wife and children are in Wisconsin, he pointed out, and he plans to commute, as he’s done since he got elected to Congress. “I just work here,” he told CNN, “I don’t live here.” Continue reading

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Night Sky

Night sky of my mind

Like the Milky Way

Stretching infinitely back

In vast chains of trailing beacons –

A fiery synaptic symphony of spirit Continue reading

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Sen. Grace Poe has single-handedly united the backers of 2016 presidential candidates Mar Roxas and Jojo Binay as well as the behind-the-scenes supporters of ex-presidents Ferdinand Marcos and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. They are all moving heaven and earth to have her disqualified as a 2016 presidential candidate on the grounds that she is a foundling and was once a U.S. citizen.  Continue reading

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Pope Francis on ecology

As the first pontiff to speak before the Joint Congress of the United States, Pope Francis challenged the United Nations for peace and environmental justice, as he placed blame “for the exploitation of natural resources on a selfish and boundless thirst for power and material prosperity.” At the same time, the Pope endorsed the efforts of the United Nations to reach global compact to fight poverty and climate change.” Continue reading

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“I will follow anyone and remind everyone of enslaving Yazidi woman and forced [sic] to donate blood to ISIS men.” -Widad Akrawi-  
Individuals and nations gain greater strength by reemphasizing their original goals. Humans do this through maintaining healthy lifestyles which includes regular medical checkups, proper diet, exercise, adequate sleep and right living. Continue reading

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